Thursday, May 31, 2012

That long blue denim jumper

When the topic of homeschooling came up around me, my view on it was just a bit off. And by off I mean it was not even close. I could understand my viewpoint if I did not have any children. I had children though, two. I would hear ladies talking about it. They would either be for it or against.
 In my mind, I would immediately get this scene in my mind. There would be this large kitchen table, usually wood grain or brown. Of course, the mom would be the teacher and she would be sporting a lovely long and light blue denim jumper. Her calm children would be at the table with their biblical names all quiet and sweet. She would be going through the subjects with her children. She, of course, would speak in a soft and heavenly manner to them. The children would raise their hand if they needed anything. Waiting patiently as she would walk to them with a smile. How absolutely perfect it was!

I just knew that was something that I could not do. These moms must be so perfect. My children were five and three years old. They were boys and since their birth I do not remember calm. Ever. I really did not entertain the thought. I just knew that it was not for me. I could just imagine what my husband would have said. So, I enrolled my five year old in school. I knew he would do just great. He was a very fast learner. He was speaking both English and Spanish before he was two years old. He was reading by three years old. He was reading on a second grade level before he even started school. Did I mention that it was I that taught him all this? But, I just knew it was not for me to homeschool. It is truly amazing when you think or just know you cannot do something and then GOD intervenes. Okay, so my son was attending this school I shall not name, not that anyone would be surprised. But I will leave it anonymous. He had a great first week, or so I thought. Into the second week, I get a call from the counselor. Of course, I assume, that she is calling to tell me how great my son was. Which is why you should never assume. She tells me that the first week, he had a substitute. Yes, a substitute in the beginning of school because the regular teacher was still on vacation. Really, nothing against teachers and their vacations, but huh? Okay, so she was back and stated that my son appeared to be bored and would walk around the classroom looking for something to do. He would finish his work and then exhibit this strange behavior. Because of this strange "behavior" they were asking me to put him their special and remedial education classes, until he was following along with his class. So, I asked the basic questions. Is he completing his work? How are his grades? Is he acting out? Is he willing to read with his teacher? I got the answers I knew I would. So, there was nothing wrong with my son other than he had a lazy teacher. So, I pulled him out of that school and enrolled him in another school on the base we were at. After a few days there, they stated that he needed to be placed in Gift/Talented classes. I was glad that the teachers cared and worked with the students.  While my son attended this new school, I volunteered and kept hearing more about homeschooling and again, you got it, the mother in that blue jumper came to mind.
 After a couple of years in public school, I am guessing that GOD knew that those slight hints were not cutting it, he finally got my attention. I was waiting to pick my boys up from school. I was listening to the radio. It must have been commercial time on all four on my stations. I was about to turn it off when I went back to my main station and this gentleman was talking about homeschooling. I think GOD purposely made it a man because of the whole denim jumper thing. He was explaining it in such a great way. It so perfectly planned out that I knew it was GOD. It was just a guy talking, not in an interview just talking. No one listening in the back, asking or replying to him. Just this man's voice. I laugh now because it was just so weird. But after hearing this, I was sure. I was sure that homeschooling was the way to go. I told my husband about it and shockingly he was all for it. I asked GOD to show me the people I should talk to about. The next day one of my son's won a coloring contest at that very radio station. When we went to pick up his bag, I had to ask. I told them about the guy on the radio. They did not remember playing anything like that. Funny thing was that they both homeschooled their children They gave me so much information about it I felt more like the winner.

This year was our first year for our school. Our children love it. We love it. Our families even see the fruit of our work in all three of our boys. They think differently now about us homeschooling. Grandmothers can be a bit hard to influence. 
 So, as far as that blue denim jumper, I have not got one yet. Our brown dining table plays dual roles. Though my boys are sweet and patience, we have our days. Most of our the days are not calm or quiet. My husband tells me that my voice is not really soft or heavenly at times, but I work on it. Although, I was off on some of those details, the one that I am glad I was wrong with was that I thought I could not do it. 
I have my days. Then I think of the words that GOD told Moses when he thought he could not do what GOD asked of him.
HE said "I will certainly be with you"
-simply put
that mom down the street

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